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08/10/1926 - 05/17/2004
Hilda Sue Ruhry peacefully passed away from complications of pneumonia, at Bristol Hospital, with her four children by her side.
02/15/1950 - 06/13/2009
All who knew Beverly Fink (February 15, 1950 - June 13, 2009) were richer for her friendship. Beverly’s generosity of spirit  and her beloved father’s example endowed her with a passionate sense of social justice. She was fair and...
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07/14/1927 - 02/11/2011
Steven Campbell was born in Tulsa, OK on 14th of July 1927. He lived in Oakdeer Beach, where he worked as an engineer. He passed away during his sleep on 11th of February, 2011
01/24/1969 - 05/16/2006
Elizabeth Lee Campbell passed away May 16, 2006, at a Bangor hospital with her family beside her. Elizabeth was born January 24, 1969, in Highland Park, Mich., to Evelyn and Neil Campbell.
02/16/1978 - 03/19/2011
Lionel “Leo” Kimbel, a beloved husband, a dear son and a faithful friend, passed away due to the drastic accident March 19, 2011.
04/13/1933 - 01/12/2010
Bryan was a talented veterinarian, beloved by his family, friend to many, and a strong supporter of the local community.
08/09/1949 - 09/01/2007
In a memory of our beloved Dad, Victor Dunham, who died peacefully, at his home, supported by his family and friends after a long renal disease.
05/28/1989 - 03/04/2011
Kevin Hardy, a beloved brother and son, passed away March 4, 2011. An avid traveler, Kevin loved to experience different cultures and customs. He loved to hang out with friends and have fun, while studying for the next big Engineering test.
04/18/1982 - 09/29/2003
Our Beloved daughter and sister, Leona Martins, will be forever in our hearts and never forgotten. She is now our Angel shinning down upon us more beautiful than ever. We will never forget all the laughs we had and the good times. Keep a watch ove...
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06/05/1931 - 09/13/2009
Melinda Warren, 82, Saint Paul, Minnesota, died Setember 13, 2009 at St. Paul’s Care Center. Melinda is survived by her husband of 62 years, Felix, daughter Patricia; sons: Robert and Rupert; her younger sister and many friends and mourn...
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05/06/1938 - 10/04/2009
Bertha Lakewood left to mourn her family October 4, 2009. She was a woman of incredible musical talent and infinite love for her family. Her soul will be deplored by her survived husband, daughters and numerous relatives and friends.
11/04/1935 - 11/11/2010
Clark Marleau was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1935 to Al and Rose Marleau and passed away in 2010.
04/24/1978 - 07/27/2010
Carolyn Barn, a beloved wife, the best-in-the world mother, sister, and daughter, who lightened the life of her close ones for many years left this world July 27, 2010 at Bradley Memorial Hospital.
06/25/1982 - 11/12/2009
Amery Ridge was born on June 25th, 1982 and passed on November 12th, 2009, due to the car accident.
06/27/1948 - 07/26/2009
Brigham Kuehnemann, generous man of virtue, loving husband and caring father, passed away on July 26, 2010,on at Alliance Hospice House.
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